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ayuda para comprar online en footstop

How to place an order in FootStop:

Buying FootStop is very easy if you follow these 4 steps:

1. Choose the products you want to buy by clicking on the add to cart button.

2. Once you have added a product to the cart you can continue buying or proceed to finalize your purchase.

3. If you are registered in FootStop, identify yourself as a user to access your account..

If it is your first purchase on footstop.com you will have the option to register.

To register correctly fill in all required fields. This information is totally private and in no case is transferred to third parties.

4. Once you confirm your data the next step is to make the payment. If you choose to pay by credit card, payment information will be sent using an advanced encryption system that will guarantee the confidentiality of the transaction. If you choose PayPal, the system will redirect you to the PayPal system to make the payment in safe mode.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your order and from your user profile you will be able to see the status of the shipment.


Payment by credit or debit card:

The payment with card guarantees a simple and safe payment method.

The amount will be charged to your credit card immediately.

Your credit card information will be encrypted, using SSL technology. Thanks to this high level of security, credit card payment at FootStop is very secure.

Payment through PayPal:

PayPal is a secure and reliable payment method that you can use comfortably to buy at footstop.com.

PayPal allows you to make payments online quickly and safely using a credit card, a debit card or using your regular bank account (e-check).

How to pay with PayPal?

You do not need to have a PayPal account before purchasing at footstop.com since you can open an account during the payment process.

  1. If you select “Payment by PayPal” as your payment method, you will be automatically transferred to the PayPal website. 
  2. Log in to your PayPal account, or create a new account if you do not already have one.
  3. Follow the instructions on the PayPal page.
  4. Once payment is completed, you will receive a PayPal confirmation email.

Adventages of using PayPal

-You can track the status of the payment through your PayPal account.

-You do not need to use your card because you can choose to make a transfer directly from your bank account.

-If you choose to use your credit card through PayPal, footstop.com will not have access to your credit card number.

Want to know more abaout PayPal? You can visit the official website.